While GarMon Building Services is a new venture, started on 1st April 2014, the history behind GarMon goes back many years, and really begins in the 1960’s

malcolmIn 1965 Malcolm Troon was serving his time with Durastic as an apprentice asphalter when a new comer, Derek Nicholas, joined the company.




derekDerek, just three years older than Malcolm, had already served his time as an apprentice with Limmer and Trinidad. Malcolm and Derek were in their prime of life, and neither was afraid of work!

Derek and Malcolm teamed up and a friendship was soon to turn into a lifelong partnership.   They were strong and ambitious, and had youth on their side.  The two worked on many ships asphalting the decks, and mastered the art of asphalt and mineral felt roofing.  As their skills grew, so did their ambition, and in 1982 they decided to go it alone.

This was the start of their company, but the first hurdle was a name.  Their main line of work was roofing, but neither wanted to be known as D&M Roofing, or M&D Roofing, as neither wanted their name before their partners!  So they tossed a coin to see whose name would come first.

Marilyn, Derek’s wife, settled the ordeal with a clever idea.   Marilyn took the ‘Troon’, from Malcolm’s name, and the ’Nico’, from Derek Nicholas, and put the two together.  Troonico was soon to become a company that would gain pride and respect for their work throughout the south of England.

troonicoA small but reliable company, their reputation for quality work became legendary.   The company steadily grew, and in 1998 Troonico became limited.  Even then, no job was too big, or too small, and while they took on some tough decisions, each trusted in the other, and the lifelong friends never suffered a cross word.  Troonico’s first large customer was Ford Motor Company.  Fords were so impressed by the standard of work that Derek and Malcolm continued to service the roofs of the factory at Swaythling, along with other contracted works, since 1982 to the time Troonico closed in 2014. Other lifetime customers of over 20 years have been Linden Homes, Orchard Homes, Simpson and Hilder, Oliphant Construction, McDowell Developments, and, of course Durastic Ltd, where they started their journey.  Over the past years, Troonico have also looked after many domestic customers, repairing and replacing roofs, large and small, to the highest standard.

Time catches up with all, and Derek and Malcolm are no exception.   Preparing for their future, Derek and Malcolm promoted their trusted foreman, Simon Nichols, to Director of what was now Troonico Roofing Ltd.  Simon, a loyal, hardworking employee, had been with the company many years, proved himself as Forman and earned his promotion.    However, running such a company would be too much for any one man, and Troonico invited Garry Burgess to join the team in 2012, to secure the future of the company.

Garry founded Home and Country Maintenance, in 1999.  His work was aimed more toward the private sector, and involved repair and maintenance of properties as well as kitchen and bathroom refurbishment. Garry had known Derek and Malcolm for some 30 years, and assisted Troonico at times with carpentry and general repairs.  It was, in fact, Derek who had encouraged Garry to start on his own, many years previous.

Joining the two companies was a success from the start.  Garry and Simon found their rolls within Troonico Roofing and Derek and Malcolm were soon able to relax a little. Minor teething problems did come to light, however, as Troonico Roofing Ltd was no longer just a roofing company.  Joining the companies as one meant new skills and a variation of work. Troonico Roofing Ltd now contracted for all types of work including the bathroom and kitchen refurbishment, internal and external décor, garden refurbishment, and general maintenance; which caused confusion over the name – ‘Troonico Roofing Ltd!’

The decision to close Troonico was never taken lightly, after all, it was, and is, Malcolm and Derek’s life’s work, yet it was decided by all concerned that in the interest of all concerned, and to allow Garry and Simon to grow the business, Troonico Roofing Ltd to change its name, and the best way to achieve this was to close the company.  So it was that on 31st March 2014 Troonico ceased trading and GarMon Building Services was born.

GarMon, Building Services Ltd

Before Troonico Roofing Ltd could close, a new name was needed to promote the variation of work that was being undertaken by the two directors, Garry Burgess and Simon Nicholls.  The new name would be GarMon and the work would cover all aspects of building including:


  • Mineral Felt
  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Steel Cladding
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Leadwork


  • Repointing
  • Rendering
  • Decorating
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • Soffit and Fascia
  • Guttering



Garry Burgess

Garry set up Home and Country Maintenance in 1999, before joining Troonico in 2012 as a company director, working in unison with Simon.


GarMon Building Services, although a new company, has the skills and history of an old veteran.  The two directors work in unison and cover a vast range of works specialising in roofing, refurbishment and general maintenance.

Malcom is retired, although he still works part time, when work requires his patience and skill.

Derek also works part time and is there, any time, for advice and guidance, should it be requested.

You can trust in GarMon.