Bathrooms are often small and compact, so it is important that everything you require fits into the space. Some prefer showers to baths nowadays, and showers are cheaper to enjoy!  Whatever your ideas, GarMon can help you make them work.

bathroom2 bathroom1

By moving the internal wall just a little, so as not to make the third bedroom too small, a bath and shower was fitted into this tiny bathroom.

bathroom6 bathroom5 bathroom4 bathroom3

A plumbing manifold was designed to go under the bath, and is easily accessible in the event of anything needing closing down.  If any one item obtains a fault, or needs servicing, then it can be closed off individually so the bathroom can still be used

bathroom8 bathroom7

The large 1000mm x 800mm shower just fitted nicely. The duel control tap works the overhead shower, or the hand held shower if preferred; and is thermostatically controlled.