Patios and paving

From patios and paving to walls and sheds, GarMon can refurbish your garden area.

garden1 garden2

This garden benefited from a new patio and path, before the raised garden was introduced along with the log wall shrubbery garden.


Flamingo stone in the bottom bed gave added colour, while fruit trees were planted in the raised bed to give early spring colour from the blossom, and a crop of fresh fruit in the autumn. A good layer of bark allows for easy management.

Fish Ponds

A fish pond can be a wondrous feature in any garden, and the maintenance can be minimal, as long as the balance and design is right.

pond1 pond2

This pond has been designed to be safe for children.  Built of composite stone block, the four foot deep pond is raised above the ground with steps either side to access the filter system.

pond3 pond4

Gates have been added at the bottom of the steps to prevent children from climbing onto the potted garden which sits over the pond, and gives shade to the koi carp during the hot weather.

pond6 pond5

The filter system is hidden behind the small fence at the back of the waterfall.  The natural water fall allows the water to gain oxygen as it flows over the rocks and back into the pond.  The fish are happy with their new home, and all that is left is a little care to keep them in healthy condition.