GarMon Building Services can maintain and restore to the highest quality giving your building a new lease of life. Domestic, Commercial and Industrial works all carried out.

Repair and Maintenance:

Over years of service even the very best of things break down and serious repair or replacement is required.  GarMon Building Services can help in most cases.

maintenance1 maintenance2 maintenance3


Serious repair was required to this gable end to fully restore it prior to redecoration.

maintenance4 maintenance5

This door and frame had suffered in the weather, but a new centre rail and weather board in the door, and a new cill, along with a major overhaul and redecoration brought the unit back to life.

maintenance6 maintenance7

Beyond economical repair, this pair of doors and frame was completed replaced.  They were fully primer, undercoated and glossed to match the rest of the building.